Project Staffing Service

    Project Recruitment

    Project staffing is a volume recruitment for typical positions that are standard for employers. This staffing solution is also referred to as mass search and selection of candidates. 

    The request for volume recruitment service can start from 10 people or can reach out to thousands of employees. Project staffing is particularly relevant during high seasons, increase in sales or production, launching new production, warehouse or point of sales capacities. This staffing solution can help you resolve a challenge of any complexity.

    ANCOR’s specialists conduct a preliminary assessment of candidates, collect documents confirming qualifications, and deal with coordination support at all recruitment stages: interview with HR or hiring manager, security check, medical examination, onboarding.

    Our team develops advertising campaign and promo materials to launch targeted campaign. We promote the job and attract passive candidates. We search for candidates in open sources, attract active applicants from ANCOR's database and job boards.

    ANCOR’s advantages:

    • Own Research Center
    • Quantitative and qualitative KPI’s
    • Regular reporting throughout the process
    • Individual terms of cooperation within the project budget
    • Organization of testing and training in accordance with a client
    • Dedicated project team
    • Single project manager (single point of contact)
    • ATS for interaction with clients
    • Effective tools for assessing and selecting candidates (chatbots, automated sending of assessment forms and uploading assessment results into ATS).
    • Development of individual solutions for each client allows us to provide the company with a unique and diverse audience of passive and active candidates.

    Volume recruitment approach:

    • Preparation. Approving scope, deadlines, candidate profile, assessment stages. Signing agreement and SLA.

    • Launch. Forming recruitment project team, agreeing on reporting, providing access and setting up access to ATS.

    • Search. Creating search map, advertising vacancies, adjusting search parameters.

    • Selection. Interviewing candidates (individual or group), submitting documents for verification by Security Department, medical examination.

    • Onboarding. Coordinating onboarding, submitting reports to a client and performing mutual settlements. 

    You have a need for additional specialists, the demand for which is likely to be temporary?
    Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the transfer of recruitment activities to the provider in full or partly (in certain areas, categories of positions, stages of selection process).
    Market Research and Surveys
    Talent Mapping – is a professional HR consulting service aimed at collecting and analyzing labor market data in accordance with customer’s request.
    Other services
    IT recruitment is a service of searching and selecting specialists in the field of development, big data and AI, that provides a full candidate search cycle for IT-profile Customers – from application to a candidate’s start of work.
    Recruitment is the search and selection of candidates who have the qualities and skills that are necessary to implement current and long-term plans of the company.
    The search and selection of senior staff is a process where we select only the top candidates including C-level executives and niche specialists.
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