Product promotion
    Marketing promotion is a service that allows businesses to use short- or long-term campaigns to spark interest of the customers and increase the revenue.

    Sales promotion allows to:
    • create demand for a product, service, or other offers
    • increase brand recognition of a company
    • increase the level of loyalty to the brand and products
    • increase customer satisfaction
    • generate new leads
    • reattract old customers
    • keep existing customers engaged
    • increase the reach of the target audience
    • bring new products to the market and more

    Promotion of Client’s Products and Services at the Points of Sale

    We provide highly qualified sales consultants who develop and conduct advertising promotions in shops, or any other measures aimed at stimulating the demand for the customer’s goods.

    ANCOR is to:
    • consult customers at points of sale
    • develop a promotion plan upon customer’s request
    • place promotional materials about the relevant services and products in any location
    • conduct testing of customer’s advertising samples at the points of purchase

    We take care of all personnel: shift management, product promotion management, adaptation, training, as well as we work with staff motivation and reduce staff turnover.

    Promotion of Products at Social Networks and Online platforms

    • Online promotion through social networks and other online platforms significantly rises the awareness of a product among a large number of different users and potential customers.
    • Our advertising promoters process comments, feedbacks, requests from potential and active byers. We ensure transparency of procedures in management, commit to achieve agreed KPI, respect temporary arrangements
    • If necessary, a round-the-clock schedule of consultants is available.

    Promotion of Products through Influencers

    • We engage respected and well-known experts from various industries, macro- and micro-influencers helping our clients in online promotion of products.
    • On behalf of influencers in social media, we talk about the benefits of the product, its cost, how it's used, the history of the brand and other requested information.
    • We engage the target audience, develop and implement a strategy of communication through social media.
    • Our unique expertise in trade marketing guarantees a deep immersion in the customer’s task, accurate selection of experts and influencers, elaborate co-ordination of target audience and development of communication strategy.

    You have a need for additional specialists, the demand for which is likely to be temporary?
    BPO is transferring of non-core business functions and processes to an outside service provider.
    Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the transfer of recruitment activities to the provider in full or partly (in certain areas, categories of positions, stages of selection process).
    Other services
    Trade Marketing Outsourcing
    Pharmaceutical promotion outsourcing service helps to bring and promote customer’s products onto the market.
    Trade Marketing Outsourcing
    Merchandising outsourcing is a dedicated service and a professional team of ANCOR, that implements a set of measures to promote customer’s products.
    Trade Marketing Outsourcing
    Telephone consultancy on the product is a consistent and effective communication with the consumer that guarantees informing consumer about the product, helps with sales and brand, trademark and product promotion.
    Trade Marketing Outsourcing
    The event service (event marketing) includes the development and full implementation of projects aimed at promoting the products or services of our customers.
    Trade Marketing Outsourcing
    The secret buyer (mystery shopping) service is an audit of customer service standards in the process of purchasing a product or a service. It includes quality control of the staffs at service points, and reporting to the customer.
    Trade Marketing Outsourcing
    As part of manual packaging of product sets, ANCOR specialists manually pack customer’s goods (promo sets) at the designated by the customer collection point.
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