Talent Mapping is a labor market data collection and analysis according to customer's request

    Talent Mapping is a service for identifying talent availability and preferences in a specified region, sector or role. Works best for scarce, in-demand, and senior positions. Candidate market research provides a comprehensive view of the current talent landscape, helping you to identify the best fit for your business.

    ANCOR’s talent mapping team utilizes the latest data mining techniques, advanced analysis and local expertise to create bespoke solutions up to your requirements.

    The goal of talent mapping is to build a pool of candidates with appropriate skill sets to enhance and boost the overall recruiting process.

    How talent map data could be used?

    Talent mapping allows to get a list of potentially interesting candidates. The list can be used when forming a talent pool or identifying functions in specific companies and who performs them. We concentrate on candidates who are not actively looking for job, as well as those who are visible on job search market.

    Talent survey consists of several steps:

    • Research set-up;

    • Competitive talent landscape identification;

    • In depth research revealing individuals that are either doing the job or could be doing the job within competitive and related market sectors;

    • Designing the leadership pipeline;

    • Delivering the highest performing talent list;

    • Providing project review and talent mapping report.

    Standard talent mapping template includes all the details needed to proceed with individuals of interest:

    • Full name

    • Contacts

    • Company

    • Position

    • City

    • Income level

    Upon clients’ request the report can contain additional data:

    • English Proficiency Level

    • Relocation preferences

    • Career expectations

    • Motivation key drivers

    • others

    3 reasons why companies need talent mapping:

    Lower costs than recruiting services. You don’t pay placement fee. You can hire candidates from provided talent pool without any additional costs. Placement fee is applicable if you engage ANCOR in further negotiations with candidate or recruitment process.

    Reduced time-to-hire. ANCOR provides a pool of potential candidates reducing your cost of a vacancy and increasing overall productivity.

    Result-oriented approach. Our research reveals the best talent, not just those who are actively seeking a job, and allows you to find the right people with assurance that a wide talent pool has been reviewed.

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