Legal assistance for business

    Legal assistance is a support service for our clients on various labour legislative issues.

    ANCOR legal aid services include:

    • Employment law consultancy

    • Trainings on labor law

    • HR Documents Audit

    We offer a comprehensive employment law support provided by our dedicated legal advisors.

    ANCOR law advisors have solid understanding of legal framework and practical experience in tackling labor issues, helping companies in their relations with employees, trade unions and state authorities. 

    Employment law consultation

    Labour law consultation is legal support to clients on issues of labor, migration and trade union legislation of the Russian Federation in the format of one-time appeals.

    Our employment lawyers are ready to help your HR teams to address the following labor and employment law issues:

    • How to properly arrange remote work?

    • In what cases can a fixed-term employment contract be concluded?

    • What documents are required to register absenteeism or intoxication?

    • How often should wages be indexed?

    • What to do if a pregnant worker has applied for light labor?

    • How to correctly define KPIs for employees?

    • What to do if a remote worker has stopped contacting?

    • Is late arrival a disciplinary misconduct?

    • How to correctly determine the all-Russian occupational classifier code?

    • Is it possible to dismiss an employee if a resignation letter was sent by e-mail?

    • How to make changes in the employment record book?

    On these and many other issues, our lawyers will provide detailed recommendations based on current judicial practice, as well as prepare the necessary forms.

    Response time shall not exceed 2 working days.

    Trainings on labor law

    Training and seminars on Russian labor legislation are specialized training programs designed for employees who are directly involved in HR processes: HR-specialists, line managers and executives. 

    Each law training or seminar is conducted taking into consideration specifics of a particular organization.

    In ANCOR trainings we teach how to:

    • Properly issue documentation

    • Apply labor law

    • Eliminate the risks of labor disputes and claims

    • Organize remote work

    • Impose flexible working hours

    • Comply to occupational, fire, electrical safety requirements etc.

    During trainings, we analyze cases from legal practice in detail, as well as conduct interactive games that provides user-friendly educations process. 

    HR documents audit

    Audit of HR documents is verification of compliance of your document workflow with current Russian legislation.

    Within this legal service we also prepare a detailed report on how to eliminate violations and develop the correct forms of HR records.

    Why is it important for an employer to conduct HR document workflow audits? 

    • Labor legislation and judicial practice are subjected to constant changes, and it can be hard to keep track of such amendments. 
    • The procedure of supervisory inspections has been tightened for employers. Now a labor inspector has the right to come with a visit or raid without warning.

    Non-compliance of HR document flow is often identified during labor inspection or when a legal dispute with an employee occurs. We highly recommend to apply to ANCOR legal practice to protect you from risks of penalties and lawsuits.

    As a result of the audit, we hold training for HR-specialists, where we share our forensic experience and answer topical questions.


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